I'm an experienced male life model and I'd love to pose naked for you and your friends.

You choose the occasion and venue. It doesn't have to be a hen party. It could be a  birthday or a girls' night out - or in.

I specialise in dynamic poses and creating joint poses to portray a scene with some special meaning for those taking part. Your group can also create Life Size Life Drawings - see photos below. Everyone will have fun. They might even produce some great drawings. See photos of the format of a session here.

Don't want to draw?

If you'd like a naked man at your party, but you don't want to draw, there are alternatives. I can be a living sculpture. Or, if you want him to be useful as well, I can be a naked butler.

Get in contact and we'll design a session just for you.

Girls Night Model

Ring or text 07469 171529 or email

hen party life drawing
hen party life drawing headstand

Hen Party Life Drawing

Hen Party Life Drawing Headstand

Life Size Hen Party Life Drawings - click on a photo to start slideshow