hen party life drawing model greek ststue pose
hen party life drawing model as discus thrower
hen party life drawing model kneeling sculpture
hen party life model living sculpture

If you want a naked man at your event, but don't want a life drawing session, a simple option is to arrange a living sculpture.  The model can pose as an antique Greek statue, for example, making a striking addition to your decor.

To add realism, the model can be covered from head to toe in white body paint.

Because he's living, the model can take a number of poses in different locations during the course of the event.  In summer it could be outdoors.

Unlike a statue in a museum, your guests are welcome to touch.

In fact, we can include a session where guests can make their own sculpture. The model can be a piece of clay that they form into their own design. They can work in pairs. They could make a human statue or an animal, or an abstract shape.


If some of your guests find a white sculpture boring, you can let them create their own colourful design using bodypaints. To really brighten things up they can use neon bodypaints that glow in UV light (supplied).

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Hen Party Model as Discus Thrower

Drawing of Male Life Model in White Body Paint

£60 an hour, with minimum booking of two hours - plus travel expenses. White bodypaint included. Colour bodypaint £20 extra. London and the South East.


Ring or text 07469 171529 or email

Living Sculpture | Bodypainting

male life model body paint

Hen Party Life Drawing Model - Greek Statue Pose

Hen Party Living Sculpture on Plinth

Hen Party Life Drawing Model Living Sculpture Kneeling