If you'd like a naked man at your event, but don't want to draw, and want him to be useful then pick the naked butler option.  The butler will welcome your guests and keep them served with drinks, making it an occasion they will remember.

You choose your butler's uniform. Three versions are illustrated below: the classic naked butler, the half naked butler and the completely naked butler - or you may have some different costume in mind, which he'll be happy to wear. He can change from one version to another as the party progresses.

The butler will be charming to your guests, attending to their every need.  If they accidentally spill a drink or some crumbs, he's always on hand - or on his hands and knees - to clear up. His motto is 'the bare arse with a touch of class'.

In summer the butler can serve at your garden party or evening drinks outside.

The butler can also help out by organising games if required. He has special versions of blind man in the buff, Twister, hoopla and, for horsey girls, a game based on 'ride a cock horse'.

The butler is often available on weekdays during the day and evenings and can add an extra dimension to smaller scale meetups such as morning coffee, ladies' lunches and afternoon tea, as well as girls' nights in.

Classic Naked Butler -

Little black apron

£60 an hour, with minimum booking of 1½ hours - plus travel expenses. Special rates for all day events and hen weekends away.


Ring or text 07469 171529 or email

Naked Butler

completely naked butler
classic naked butler
half naked butler

Half Naked Butler -

Waist down, of course

Completely Naked Butler

'Ride a Cock Horse' game

Erotic play

Sometimes women book sessions, either one-to-one or with a few friends, purely for erotic play and exploration. Having a naked man at your service, who is completely comfotable in his body, lets you experiment with touch and naked movement, dance or yoga. You can also act out your favourite fantasies or CFNM scenarios.You choose whether or not to remain fully clothed throughout. This is strictly non-sexual. That is the whole point. It allows space and time for play.

One of these sessions is a great present for a mother to give her daughter when she reaches university age. It's a lighthearted way to dissolve any shyness she may have around a naked man and give her practice at being in command of him - with mum demonstrating how.

The naked butler is waiting to serve you