I'm slim, buff and have the good muscle definition that artists like to draw. I keep in shape through swimming and yoga every day.

See more photos of the dynamic poses I create and the drawings they inspire at my other website: malelifemodel.com

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£100 for a 90 minute session - plus travel expenses.  I cover London and the South East. I will provide all the art materials we need.

In addition to weekends, I'm often available on weekdays during the day and evenings. This is good for smaller scale sessions, as well as girls' nights in.

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hen party life drawing group photo

Photos and format of the session

We start with some simple standing poses to get everyone used to drawing the nude human form.

Then I'll do some more dynamic and challenging poses.

I can also include a sequence of movement to music, where I pause every so often. This generates more abstract designs.  

Members of the group can also choose some poses for me to hold.

Then we can create some joint poses to enact scenes relevant to the bride-to-be. The photos give examples: the Naked Cowboy and his horse for a western follower, a Proposal by Mr Darcy for a Jane Austen fan, the 'Three Graces' sculpture for Grace's mother, a Doctor Calls for a nurse or yoga poses for a yoga lover.  You can choose your own or adapt these.

When the party's well under way sometimes the shout goes out for me to pose with an erection. I'm happy to comply. Offers of a helping hand will enable me to hold it for as long as the group desires.

Finally, we can all get together for some group photos - to remember your hen party life drawing session.

It can add some zest to offer prizes - such as for the Best Drawing by a Novice and the Best Bum!


Ring or text 07469 171529 or email

Draw What You See
Draw What You See
Standing on One Leg
Standing on One Leg
Flying Pose
Flying Pose